Psychotherapeutic Counseling for
Individuals, Couples and Families
Therapeutic Process
Non-Judgmental Exploration
As your therapist, my role will be to help you overcome the obstacles to growth that are within your control. Together, we will create a working atmosphere of respect, kindness and acceptance in which you can come to see yourself as a full and complete human being, open and available to enjoy all of life’s possibilities.

Behavior Makes Sense
If some of your past choices have not worked out as you had hoped, we will explore the reasons why we do the things we do. It’s not by accident. You may find that once the relationship between past experience and present behavior is examined and absorbed, it will be possible to the move toward real, substantive change.   

Progress, Not Perfection
The therapeutic process allows for making more good choices, being gentler in your self-talk, creating room for diversity in all its forms, and becoming more accepting of life’s inevitable ups and downs. Appreciating the full spectrum of being human is the journey we’re on.

Change Is Possible
The conversation starts with your strengths and what you’re doing right. As we explore and uncover the reasons why your behavior makes sense, we will build on your successes and work to remove obstacles in the path to achieving all of your goals.

Taking the Next Step
Change begins with you.  Click here for specific services offered and office information.